Aug. 8th, 2010

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I think I'm going to start using this again, but because vocabulary lists are boring, I'm going to start posting things like example sentences to be translated. These will mostly be stolen from professionals.

Be warned that sometimes I make typos, and I'm much less good at spotting them in Korean than in English.

Today, a pair of sentences that illustrate the difference between 입다 and 신다 when describing what you're wearing:

1. 밖에 추우니까 든든히 입어라. 바지 입고 조끼도 입고 코트도 입어.

2. 구두 신다 말고 운동화 신어.

Translations )

Basically, 입다 is used for things that you wear on your torso, while 신다 is for things that you wear on your feet.

From Using Korean p. 119. This is a very useful book for intermediate and advanced students of Korean and if that describes you, you should buy it.


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