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This particle means "each," "respectively," or "apiece." It was used in the dialogue I posted in the last entry to describe the price per watermelon.

1. 날마다 8시간씩 일합니다.
2. 한 사람 앞에 세 작씩 나눠 드려.
3. 전화번호는 한 자리씩 읽는다.
4. 부페에서는 한 번에 조금씩 가져다 막는 게 좋아.

Highlight for translations:

[1. I work eight hours each day.
2. Give out three sheets for each person.
3. Phone numbers are read digit by digit.
4. It's goo to bring and eat a small amount each time when you dine at a buffet.

Still out of town. Typing this on a netbook. Screen is small. Keyboard is small. Please let me know if there are typos I've missed!


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