Sep. 26th, 2010

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I've forgotten a lot of vocabulary so I'm going to start working through the vocabulary lists in the back of my textbooks. These are from 한국어 1, so consider them very basic.

가게 shop, store
가깝다 to be near, close
가다 to go*
가르치다 to teach
가족 family
감기 a cold
감기에 걸리다 to catch a cold
값 price
강의 lecture, class
같이 together
거기 there, that place
거리 street
걷다 to walk
걸어 가다/오다 to go/come walking
계시다 to be, to exist (honorific form)

* I need to do a post on the deictic verbs, because the English and Korean are not exact equivalents.


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