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Some vocabulary that is useful when asking directions.

길 street
버스 정류장 bus stop
육교 pedestrian overpass
지하도 underpass
골목 byway
횡단보도 crosswalk
쪽/똑바로 가다 to go straight
건너다 to cross
나가다 to go out
나오다 to come out
올라가다 to go up
내려가다 to go down
꺽다 to turn
삼거리 three-way intersection
사거리 four-way intersection
돌아가다 to make turns

This isn't a good explanation of what 길 and 골목 mean. I vaguely remember discussing this in class, and I think 길 is a normal street, and 골목 is a small side street that cars don't go down. But I apparently didn't think to jot this down in the margins of my book and I'm not sure. Does anyone know?


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