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This is a somewhat confusing conjunction because it doesn't have a good English equivalent. It marks the preceding clause as background information. Here are some examples from Using Korean:

저 한국 가는데 뭐 부탁할 거 없어요?
I'm going to Korea; do you have anything to ask of me?

[Here, going to Korea is background information that gives context for the question that's the main point of the sentence.]

부탁드릴 게 한 가지 있는데 좀 들어 주시겠어요?
I have one favor to ask of you; would you do it for me?

어제 백화점에 갔었는데 세일을 크게 하더라구요.
I went to the department store yesterday and saw that they were having a big sale.

Sometimes the "main point" is left out because the listener can infer it themselves, as in:

잡채 만드는데... (와서 먹어라.)
We're making jap chae... (come over and eat it.)

In this case, the polite ending 요 can be added if the social situation calls for it. In the previous post, 김 과장 told Jane that he couldn't help her with her computer problem by saying:

지금 회의하러 가야 하는데요.
I have to go to a meeting now.

He didn't have to directly say "I can't help you" because that's obvious from the context.

Anki File

I've uploaded the Anki file here. You may have to reset the review information, since I think Anki will have stored when I last reviewed those cards. I'll announce here when I've updated the file.
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Oh. Hai.

제인: 김 과장님, 시간 있으시면 이것 좀 도와주세요.
김 과장: 어떻게 하지요? 지금 회의하러 가야 하는데요.
제인: 큰일 났네. 컴퓨터에 문제가 생겼는데요.
김 과장: 수환 씨에게 부탁해 부세요. 수환 씨가 컴퓨터실에서 근무한 일이 있어요.
제인: 아, 맞아요. 고마워요.

Highlight for translation:

[Jane: Mr. Kim, could you help me with this if you have some time?
Manager: What should I do? I have to go to a meeting now.
Jane: I have a problem. There's something wrong with the computer.
Manager: Wy don't you ask Soo-whan? He used to work at the computer lab.
Jane: Ah, that's right. Thank you.

No vocabulary list this time because I'm exhausted.


Sep. 14th, 2010 09:51 pm
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Some vocabulary that is useful when asking directions.

길 street
버스 정류장 bus stop
육교 pedestrian overpass
지하도 underpass
골목 byway
횡단보도 crosswalk
쪽/똑바로 가다 to go straight
건너다 to cross
나가다 to go out
나오다 to come out
올라가다 to go up
내려가다 to go down
꺽다 to turn
삼거리 three-way intersection
사거리 four-way intersection
돌아가다 to make turns

This isn't a good explanation of what 길 and 골목 mean. I vaguely remember discussing this in class, and I think 길 is a normal street, and 골목 is a small side street that cars don't go down. But I apparently didn't think to jot this down in the margins of my book and I'm not sure. Does anyone know?
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A sample dialog from one of my old textbooks. 수지 is buying a watermelon from a vendor. It demonstrates some useful, but fiddly, bits of Korean grammar, such as counters and how to say "each" when discussing price.

수지: 어저씨, 이 수박 어떻게 해요?
주인: 작은 건 한 통에 만 원씩이고 큰 건 만 산천 원씩이에요. 아주 싱싱하고 달아요.
수지: 큰 게 더 마있겠어요. 이 걸로 두 통 주세요.
주인: 단골손님이니까 좀 깎아드리겠습니다. 이만 오천 원만 주세요.
수지: 고맙습니다. 배달 되지요?
주인: 한 시간쯤 후에 배달해 드릴 테니까 조금만 기다려 주세요.

Highlight for translation:

[Susie: Excuse me, mister, how much are these watermelons?
Shopkeeper: The small ones are 10,000 won each and the big ones are 13,000 won each. They are very fresh and sweet.
Susie: The big ones look more delicious. I'll buy two of them.
Shopkeeper: Since you are a regular customer, I'll lower the price. Just give me 25,000 won.
Susie: Thank you. Can you deliver them?
Shopkeeper: I'll deliver then [sic] after about an hour, so please wait.

From 100시간 한국거 2. Not only is the title a total lie, this is the book that has the amusing translation "How do you sick?"

Just so you know, I'm going on a trip tomorrow, so I might not be able to update for a little while. It depends on how much typing Korean on my netbook makes me want to kill myself.


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