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Since I started this community at the beginning of the school semester, how about some school vocabulary.

학생 haksaeng - student
초등학생 chodeunghaksaeng - elementary school student
중학생 junghaksaeng - middle school student
고등학생 kodeunghaksaeng - high school student
대학생 daehaksaeng - college student

But what happens after you graduate college and still don't want to get a regular job?

대학원생 - daehakwonsaeng - graduate student

It's different. That's because all of the above, including 학생, are Sino-Korean compounds. The word 대학원 daehakwon means graduate school or graduate course, and to that you add -생. You can see the pattern better by looking at more words involving these elements:

학교 hakkyo - school
초등 학교 chodeung hakkyo - elementary school
*중 학교 jung hakkyo middle school*
고등 학교 - kodeung hakkyo - high school
대학 daehak - college
선생 seonsaeng - teacher

* The word for "middle school" isn't in my dictionary, so I'm only guessing that this is the right word based on 중 indeed being used to mean "middle" and how the other compounds are formed.


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