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A sample dialog from one of my old textbooks. 수지 is buying a watermelon from a vendor. It demonstrates some useful, but fiddly, bits of Korean grammar, such as counters and how to say "each" when discussing price.

수지: 어저씨, 이 수박 어떻게 해요?
주인: 작은 건 한 통에 만 원씩이고 큰 건 만 산천 원씩이에요. 아주 싱싱하고 달아요.
수지: 큰 게 더 마있겠어요. 이 걸로 두 통 주세요.
주인: 단골손님이니까 좀 깎아드리겠습니다. 이만 오천 원만 주세요.
수지: 고맙습니다. 배달 되지요?
주인: 한 시간쯤 후에 배달해 드릴 테니까 조금만 기다려 주세요.

Highlight for translation:

[Susie: Excuse me, mister, how much are these watermelons?
Shopkeeper: The small ones are 10,000 won each and the big ones are 13,000 won each. They are very fresh and sweet.
Susie: The big ones look more delicious. I'll buy two of them.
Shopkeeper: Since you are a regular customer, I'll lower the price. Just give me 25,000 won.
Susie: Thank you. Can you deliver them?
Shopkeeper: I'll deliver then [sic] after about an hour, so please wait.

From 100시간 한국거 2. Not only is the title a total lie, this is the book that has the amusing translation "How do you sick?"

Just so you know, I'm going on a trip tomorrow, so I might not be able to update for a little while. It depends on how much typing Korean on my netbook makes me want to kill myself.


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