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거짓말 lie
검사 prosecutor
경찰 police officer
경찰서 police station
국제 변호사 international lawyer
국제 전화 international call
모르다 to not know, to be ignorant
몰라보다 to not recognize
범죄 crime
변호사 lawyer
가고가 나다 an accident happens
사실은 in fact, to tell you the truth
섭섭하다 to be sorry, sad
실수 mistake
울다 to cry
잊다 to forget
죽이다 to kill
큰일나다 to be in big trouble
후회하다 to regret

By the way, I put all the vocabulary words and grammar points into an Anki file. Is anyone interested in it? I could easily upload somewhere.
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맑다 to be clear
불다 to blow
흐리다 to be cloudy
차다 to be cold
낮다 to be low
봄 spring
겨울 winter
기온 temperature
낮 daytime
도 degree counter
바람 wind
섭씨 Celsius
화씨 Fahrenheit
스팀 steam, heat
비 rain (비가 오다 to rain)
눈 snow (눈이 오다 to snow)
구름 cloud (구르이 끼다 to get cloudy)
일기예보 weather forecast
따뜾하다 to be warm
무덥다 to be sultry
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마크: 날씨가 많이 시원졌지요?
민지: 네, 정말 시원졌어요. 벌써 여름이 끝나고 가을이 됐네요.


날씨 weather
많이 very, plenty, much, many, etc etc
시원하다 to be cool in temperature, to be refreshing, to be pleasing and satisfying
정말 indeed, in fact, truthfully, etc etc
벌써 long ago, yet, already
여름 summer
끝나다 end, close, be finished
가을 fall, autumn
되다 to become

English translation:
마크: The weather is nice and cool, isn't it?
민지: Yes, nice indeed. Summer is already over and fall has begun.

From Klear's Integrated Korean: Intermediate 1. This isn't the textbook series that I've studied from until now, so sometimes they assume I know grammar that I don't and I have to try to figure it out. If I misunderstand something, please leave me a comment on Dreamwidth!


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